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Zero Chemicals

Free from Chlorine, Latex, Fragrances and Lotions. NO CHEMICALS TO IRRITATE Your Baby's Delicate Skin.

Dry For 12-Hours

Our Lightening Fast, Trap & Lock Inner Core INSTANTLY DRIES BABY's SKIN to Prevent Rashes & Leaks.

Supreme Comfort

SAFE & LUXURIOUS Materials to Caress Your Baby's Delicate Skin All Day & Night Long.

Rated Excellent

Rated EXCELLENT by the prestigious Dermatest Institute in Germany & Thousands of Parents.

Verified Parent Reviews


My daughter gets yeast and heat rashes really bad and since we have switched to your diapers 2 weeks ago, she has not broken out. I am in love with your diapers. The absorbency is great. She was playing in her splash pad today and I did not have to worry about her diaper falling apart or even any chemicals or little beads coming out of her diaper. I just ordered a case today!

Kelly P.

I was blown away by the quality of these diapers! We are a cloth diaper household and use disposables while traveling. Since they had great reviews and were non-toxic, I decided to give this brand a try while taking our 1-year-old on a camping trip. Immediately after opening the package, I could tell the difference in quality compared to traditional diapers! These are so soft and felt like cotton, not synthetic materials like other disposables. 

While camping we encountered an extremely cold night and I did not want to undress my baby to change her nighttime diaper until it warmed up. Eventually later that morning I removed the diaper and even after 14 hours her butt was still dry! Amazing! No leaks, no toxic smell, and no irritation! These will always be my go-to diapers.


I usually don't write reviews but when a product actually surpasses my expectations, all I can say is WOW. These diapers are AMAZING. Super soft, extremely absorbent and they definitely cannot compare to the other brands...the quality is FARRRRR FARRR above them. It's crazy the disparity between what I am used to and Arsahd diapers. These are above and beyond in every way. When I say the me, other brands have great advertising but this brand DELIVERS.

Kandi B.

These diapers are above quality in ANY diaper brand I have ever tried. They are super soft on my baby and we REALLY stopped using diaper rash cream and don't even use vaseline as a preventative anymore. I don't have to worry if my baby isn't changed at daycare as frequently as I like. Its magic! My baby is dry and comfortable all day and night long without a drop escaping anywhere. No leaks. Best, best out there.

Danielle J.

Moms—dont hesitate to buy these diapers! I waited to post my review. TRUST me, you think the diapers you are using now are the best, until you try ARSAHD Baby Diapers. I opened the box and could not believe the packaging. Felt like velvet. It says it's made from over 70% recycled paper…but wow, nice packaging and it has a handle which I can hold and walk around with..thoughtful and convenient. THEN there is the diaper. OMG, it is so soft on the inside and outside. The inside has little circles that trap the moisture. My baby’s diaper rash cleared up and has not had another since using these. I HAVE TRIED ABOUT 20 brands in the 4 months he has been born that either caused rashes or leaks or are just so sad and flimsy. It's gentle on his skin and doesn't have harmful chemicals and is eco-friendly. I AM SO HAPPPPPPY I found ARSAHD. This is NOT a paid review I am just really glad I found a diaper that is so comfortable and soft and actually makes my baby sleep through the night without leaking. Midnight clothing and sheet and diaper changes were not making my life easy. I dont even use diaper cream anymore. Please try these….definitely a God send in the diaper world! I tried LOTS of in store and online brands claiming to be the this and that but honestly these are true to the word. It took a mama to make them perfect. Happy baby makes this mama happy!

Sandy C.

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No Diaper Rashes

Our Diapers Have ZERO Harmful Chemicals and A Lightening Fast, Thorough Wicking Process. A Winning Combination Ensures Your Baby Will Be Rash Free With Our 12-Hour Protective Dryness Guarantee.

A Tailored Fit

Our Diapers are Designed to Embrace Every Curve of Your Baby's Body, Offering an Immaculate Fit for Ultimate Comfort. No Red Marks, No Irritation, No Leaks – Just Pure Comfort!

Materials Matter

Our Breathable Top-Sheet, Sustainably Sourced 100% USA Wood Pulp, and Water-Resistant Back Sheet Work in Perfect Harmony--Cocooning Your Baby in Supreme Comfort. Never Having to Worry about Safety, Rashes or Leaks.
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