Our diaper is designed to Prevent Diaper Rashes & Leaks. They are:

  • Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically Tested
  • Elegant, Delicate and Sophisticated Design
  • Rated EXCELLENT by Dermatest® Institute
  • Pediatrician Approved and Recommended
  • Breathable Embossed Feather Soft Top Sheet
  • Up to 12 Hours of Superior Absorbency
  • 360 Degree Leak Guard Protection
  • No Latex, Chlorine or Lotions
  • Free From Fragrances & Chemicals
  • Sustainable & Thoughtful Packaging

Our Diaper Packs should last up to 5 days. Please note that all babies and children are different and may use more or less.

Our Cases should last an average of 1 month. Please note that all babies and children are different and may use more or less per month.

We currently offer a 10% discount on our 8-Pack Monthly cases. 

We will try our best to accommodate any changes to your order BEFORE it ships.

Unfortunately, the word ‘luxury’ has been clichéd. So when true opulence arrives, it can be overlooked.

From the finest materials to our exemplary performance and focus on safety, ARSAHD's Ultra Luxury Diapers are the most prestigious that you will encounter.

Colors are significant. They stimulate our energy on a daily basis and we believe in surrounding ourselves with beautiful and meaningful colors.

Blue signifies calmness, peacefulness, tranquility and serenity—our wish for your baby and family.

At ARSAHD we believe your baby should be the focus, not their diaper.

We have a delicate blue diaper band and a wetness indicator—depicting elegance and sophistication.

Our diapers are designed in New Zealand and Made in China.