Size 5 Soft and Absorbent Diapers

A Luxurious and Superior disposable baby diaper. Thoughtfully designed by an expert Mom of 4 to Provide Comfort, Prevent Diaper Rashes & Leaks so that parents can worry less and enjoy quality time with their children.

Sale price$12.50
Size: Full-Size Pack (16 Diapers)

The Parent Reviews Are In...

Amanda S.

Best Diaper EVERRRRRR!

Sorry this is long but well deserved. I cannot say enough about how amazing this diaper is. Please post this! I have tried Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, Honest, Millie Moon, Eco-Originals, Bamboo Nature and Coterie--which have all let me down with how flimsy they are made or the awful rashes my baby girl had or the fact that my baby was soaked from leaks. Arsahd is a God send! First I don't need a diaper rash cream anymore!! And OMG No More leaks! So I end up using less diapers and doing less laundry :). The quality and softness is beyond ANY diaper I have ever tried. It's true luxury. Trust me moms...try them. I wish I found these months ago for my baby. Best daytime and night time diaper everrrr. No comparison.

Mac & Kins

Quality you can see and feel!!

We recently started using@arsahd.babydiapers and I just don't think I can go back!

These diapers are so soft, and comfortable on Kins. They won't leak, and the best part ever... They have a rash-proof quality so your sweet little one can sleep through the night rash free and comfortable.

I urge you to check them out, the quality is unmatched for this mama!


Yall!!! I have struck GOLD in the Baby world.

Yall!!! I have struck GOLD in the baby world. These are the TopTierbabydiaper I’ve EVER USED and having thecooleytwins, I have used A LOT! Newbornblowouts.. FORGET ABOUT IT!! arsahddiapers pronounced Ra-Sahd CANNOT BE BEAT when it comes to NOLEAK. When I tell you I would set an alarm to get up between midnight and 1 to change the twins and we would STILL wake up and have soiled clothes and sheets I had to wash. Yes, I even cut back on their oiquid intake before bed. NO MORE! NEVER AGAIN. #BestDiaper i kid you not! Yall go buy a pack of these diapers. Gift them to a#pregnantmom. I cant see where a#crunchymom wouldn’t like these. They are the next best thing to cloth diapering


Ok these diapers were a HIT!

I am almost at the bottom of this package and genuinely I reached for these more than any other brand of diaper the past 2 weeks!! Especially for night time these were perfect and NEVER leaked❤️

Amy Mason Coley

Indeed the best for my kids

Luxury Diapers, only the best for our little❣️

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